The Kitchen – The Most Successful Sector After Confinement

The kitchen furniture sector is at the forefront of sales. After the confinement, the need to reform spaces that were already beginning to become outdated finds its peak this quarter between stoves.

The pandemic has forced us to stay for long periods of time in our homes. With this, it is evident that the use of furniture and common spaces has increased considerably. Now we are more in our homes as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus. And, not only that, we want more comfort, more comfort, and, above all, that the aesthetics and design of our furniture do not lose detail.

Besides, there is no doubt that the Covid has completely changed our lifestyle, so many people are adapting their kitchens to these new needs and thus are keeping the kitchen furniture industry alive. A trend that is probably here to stay. What is certain is that we have become more demanding in our homes. Many people have already got down to work, renovating bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms. A modification that inspires and protects them. At the end of the day, it is about adapting the spaces to our inner world and our well-being. Small details that we observe from the color and design of the furniture.

A range of warm and soft colors that encourage meditation, comfort, relaxation and that connect us with nature.

On the other hand, outdoor, natural, and family spaces are one of the trends that have come to stay, according to the seventh. In fact, it is not by chance that larger areas are preferred, where you can gather as a family or that are multifunctional. In other words, we want a better quality of life, and that it be within our homes.

Also in the kitchen, we observe these demands and changes in design that have a lot to do with the idea of ​​cooking as a family or spending more time together. We now show you a set of images that show the diversity of kitchens that are succeeding the most right now. Practical, useful, very functional, and spacious designs. A way of being at home from comfort and quality design that, of course, go hand in hand.

1. Office Kitchen: Functional and Dynamic

One of the most popular options now is the office kitchen. When creating them, the options are many and varied. Of course, if you want to have one that adjusts to the day-to-day and with the latest designs, you can include free-standing tables, light bars, flown shelves … A choice that expands the work surface and simplifies household chores when putting and remove the table.

2. Includes Efficient Appliances

3. Open Kitchens That Combine Spaces

Open kitchens that combine spaces never cease to amaze us. They are gaining more and more followers among those who want to turn their homes into multifunctional areas. An example is those that include the kitchen and the living room under the same land, both integrated with a decoration that does not go unnoticed.

4. Brightness and Color

A good entrance of natural light and optimal general lighting is basic in a kitchen. Also, the spotlights and line stars that illuminate the work surfaces and the suspension lamps above the office.

In addition to letting in natural light, keep an eye on the colors of the walls and furniture. A trick that will be great is to use a range of white colors that, together with the lighting, will fill the space with life.

5. Maximize Storage Space

Another of the modalities that do not go unnoticed is the one whose objective is to maximize space. For example, cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, those that take advantage of the plinth, or those that take advantage of the space between the lower and upper modules multiply the storage capacity of the kitchen.


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