The Keys To Designing Your Garden According To Your Personality

In this globalized world, more and more people seek to personalize their homes to the maximum to make them their own and turn them into a refuge from the outside. This philosophy also extends to gardens. In fact, there should be a type of garden for each person, created to suit each of us. We have made a selection of garden typologies based on the needs and characteristics of each personality, reflecting our tastes and hobbies.

Gardens that transmit peace

If you are looking for a space full of tranquility because you are looking for the more zen side of life, you need a garden that has a simple and simple design in all its details.

These types of gardens need soothing colors, so you should plant species with colors that bloom in soft tones, such as pastel camellias or azaleas. It is also advisable to plant trees and shrubs with delicate leaves such as maples, bamboo, cherry trees, or salix are also highly recommended for this type of garden, since they can sway in the wind, thus producing a very pleasant sound. To achieve a zen point, you can include a more intimate corner with moss, very dense carpets, or ascetic elements, such as the figure of a Buddha, or an area to meditate or to practice mindfulness. The water and the fountains will also help you create that atmosphere, as their sound will help you relax.

A garden for animal lovers

If you cannot live without animals, you have several pets at home … then, you have to have a garden adapted to them. To achieve this, you have to separate the different spaces using fences or plant species. You can also opt for segmentation in circulations, reserving, for example, the perimeter area for dogs, and a central one for you.

Regardless of the design, in a garden where pets are going to live, you have to avoid planting species that are poisonous to them if they eat them, such as oleander or yew. In addition, we must limit the use of artificial grass, since it suffers a lot from some species of dogs. You should also keep in mind that the elements that you install in the garden must be scratch-resistant.

Garden for very social people

If you like to always be surrounded by people, have dinners and lunches with friends or family in the garden, this must be a beautiful and functional space that is capable of adapting to every moment.

To achieve this, you can provide it with different spaces equipped to facilitate life and outdoor meetings, such as an outdoor kitchen, a dining area with versatile furniture, and of course, pergolas or arboreal canopies to offer shade. Regarding natural species, you can bet on planting perennial species, since they require low maintenance and that will allow us to spend little time on them.

As for natural species, we can bet on the planting of perennial species, since they require low maintenance, which will help us to spend little time, but which will be striking and surprising for visits.

A garden for active people

If you are one of those restless people who never stop, the garden must be made in your image and likeness so that you can discharge all your energy into it. Without a doubt, the simplest thing is to allocate a part of the garden to create a sports area for gymnastics and outdoor workouts. You can also bet on creating a garden to grow and collect vegetables, greens, or fruits.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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