The Ideal Height For Kitchen Worktops

Is there an ideal height for the kitchen countertop? Yes, there is. And this height is directly related to the average height of the residents of the house. 

In general, what everyone expects from a kitchen counter is a comfortable and functional space to carry out daily tasks, in addition to a beautiful design and a practical material to clean and sanitize. 

So, keep following this post to find out how to have the ideal kitchen countertop for your home.

Sink bench

The sink counter is where dishes are washed and meals are prepared. 

Therefore, it needs to be a comfortable height for the person who uses it most often, especially as this is the bench that spends the most time. In other words, the bench cannot be so low, that the person is bent over, nor so high, so that the shoulders are raised during use. The standard height of the sink countertop ranges from 85 cm to 93 cm in height, counted from the floor. 

However, this height can still vary more or less, depending on the height of the people in the house. Therefore, the ideal one is to measure to simulate the ideal height of the bench and only then carry out the project.

Support bench for meals

Another type of counter very common in kitchens is the one used for small meals. Known as a snack bench or support bench, this type of bench is designed to be used by a person sitting on a high stool.  Here, the height of the residents does not interfere with the design of the bench. What must be considered is the height of the stools. 

In general, the height of stools sold around is usually 90 cm. You will hardly find shorter models, except those with height adjustment. Therefore, the ideal height for the snack stand is 1.05m or a maximum of 1.10m. But to make your life easier when finding the stools, the best bet is to bet on a height of 1.05m.

Kitchen sink countertop measurements

The length of your kitchen sink countertop depends, above all, on the amount of space you have available. But, ideally, it should be at least 1.20m tall, big enough to accommodate dishes, food and carry out tasks without difficulties. A tip for those with little space is to plan an L-shaped countertop, so you can make better use of the kitchen area and get a larger countertop for activities.

The width, however, must follow, in the first place, the dimensions of the appliances that will be used. Therefore, before anything else, it is important to already have in mind what the kitchen appliances will be. Choose, for example, the cooktop model, the built-in oven, and whether the kitchen will have a dishwasher. 

However, as a general rule, the bench depth usually varies between 52cm and 62cm, unless you want furniture with a greater depth.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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