The House with Two Courts by Studio Mahajani + Mahajani in Phaltan, India

Project: The House with Two Courts
Studio mahajani + mahajani
Phaltan, India
12.916 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Hemant Patil

The House with Two Courts by Studio Mahajani + Mahajan

Ensconced within a rural Indian village, the House with Two Courts whispers tales of tradition. Weathered stone and sunbaked brick, meticulously hand-laid, echo the vernacular design. Two serene courtyards, adorned with emerald creepers, seamlessly stitch indoors and outdoors. Natural light floods the living areas, a symphony orchestrated by the sky. Sloping roofs, a contemporary echo of the village silhouette, are adorned with terracotta tiles, each whispering sagas of generations-past craftsmanship. This is not just a house, but a profound connection to the earth, a timeless testament to heritage.

The house with two courts is a weekend getaway nested within the interior farmlands of a rural Indian village, seamlessly blending into the local architectural heritage and being true to its context.

Paying homage to the earthy essence of the region, the house is a testament to vernacular design, featuring a symphony of stone and brick. Upon entering, the two inciting courtyards serve as focal points, blurring the boundaries between the indoors & outdoors.

These courtyards are thoughtfully designed to reflect the rustic charm of rural living, where the living areas are bathed in natural light. The spatial planning revolves around these courtyards, offering moments of tranquility and a connection with the sky.

The sloping roofs add a new dimension to the village skyline, echoing the language of the region while infusing a contemporary flair. Each stone is carefully crafted, fostering a sense of belonging. Each corner tells a story of craftsmanship & tradition, reconnecting with the surroundings.

Studio mahajani + mahajani


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