The Five Trend Decorative Styles For This Fall

The Neo Industrial

The Neo Industrial, as its name suggests, is inspired by industrial and classic finishes but far from pretending that everything is old; -sorry, vintage-, look for a new language and update the classics with new simple and minimalist lines. Decoration with the presence of black in contrast to white in which the use of metal mixed with wood and marble predominatesThis style fits well with contemporary art and in settings where architecture is relevant. With this style, those spaces are transformed into modern and current.

The Natural Balance

This is the style that we see recurring in Zara Home editorials full of natural tones and textures (the cover image also refers to this trend in which neutral tones with a touch of caramel dominate it that lead to calm, tranquility, and comfort, connecting with nature. Wood furniture washed with natural fiber and organic shapes takes center stage. Key elements include cotton, wool, and flannels with padded finishes and textures that provide warmth.

Mountain Shelter Style

Even if you are in the city in a very urban apartment, you can bet on this friendly and warm style. For them, you can surround yourself with pictures and tartans. In these environments, autumn tones become relevant with orange as the color of the season that you can incorporate in small doses as textiles. Inspired by the mountains but with minimalist lines, it is a contemporary and warm style.

Urban-Rural Style

This farmhouse-at-home style is inspired by rustic settings that evoke the countryside in fall with its colorful, animal and flower prints. A style that works well on walls painted in shades of green or aquamarine and that admits traditional ceramic pieces.

Style “Asian Charm”

Japanese is a trend but in this case, unlike Japandi (which combines Japonism and minimalism), and designers refer to the most elegant Japanese. The one that includes the noblest materials (silks, stones…) combined with intense prints and golden details.


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