The Exceptional Reserve Ramatuelle With A View On The Mediterranean

Since the dawn of its heyday at the beginning of the last century, the Côte d’Azur has been known to have an impressive number of spots, each more fascinating than the next. But in this maze of natural marvels as hotels, an address comes to silence the received idea. An address of the “more beautiful than the others” type. Of a beauty capable of making you shut up in front of the power of its spectacle offered.

A decor as an assumed loyalty to the French Riviera

Accompanied by a few renowned architects, starting with the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and the interior designer Jacques Garcia for the rooms, the entrepreneur-conductor wanted to draw inspiration from the glory days of the French Riviera. A blessed period when leading artists, painters and writers came to take up their summer quarters on the shores of the Mediterranean to recharge their batteries. All the places have been thought of as a tribute to this arty and refined spirit of these precious, glorious but not flashy years when Ramatuelle and its neighbour Saint-Tropez embodied inspiring refuges long before playing the overcrowded “place to be”. 

From the lobby to the restaurant area, the address takes the form of a blank canvas where everyone’s Mediterranean fantasies can come to life between antique objects and unique custom-made pieces. Ceramic plates, artisanal jars, and wooden trays celebrate the genius of Jean Cocteau and Roger Capron. The genius is also housed in the famous plate of chef  Eric Canino. Twice starred by the Michelin Guide with La Voile, the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, this humble and warm chef composes a menu that naturally does honour the region by favouring light, vegetable and gourmet cuisine at the same time. 

Rooms and suites with a view of the Mediterranean

Shades of discreet whites so as not to overshadow the Riviera blue,   aerial curtains for a feeling of being on the open sea, ceramics and terracotta to evoke the subtle work of the hand specific to the region… Nobility and authenticity punctuate this main building between sky and sea where each decorative argument seems to converge towards this serenity that only a Mediterranean landscape seems to be able to offer. This exceptional landscape sits supreme in all the rooms and suites of the hotel. Privacy and landscape preserved, here is the spirit of the place which still convinces by the strength of their volume, including the terrace, their tendency to variations of white and beige and their pronounced taste for absolutely discreet comfort. The height of luxury in case we still doubted it…

Clean lines and slender furniture, minimalist decoration but of unparalleled efficiency, the decors composed by Jacques Garcia subtly complement the majesty of the Mediterranean. Because between her four very private walls, she is still the ally who distils her powerful aura. From the bedroom area to the bathroom, a series of large bay windows offer its timeless spectacle at any time of the day. However, we will allow ourselves to mention that it is around 6 am that she seems to give the best of herself.

Living indoors while always benefiting from the gifts of the outdoors is also the promise of the series of villas that make up the impressive estate of La Réserve Ramatuelle. Villas with 3 to 7 bedrooms, with a garden and swimming pool, and a view of the Big Blue, all benefiting from very complete hotel service. Orchestrated by the interior designer Rémi Tessier the decoration of these private villas disturbs the delicate balance between contemporary decoration and pleasant use of elements characteristic of the houses of the South of France. Arched doorway, white walls, floor tiles and linen here and there at the top. A feeling like home, with discreet luxury.

From the rooms to the villas, from the exceptional swimming pool to the lobby terrace, the myth of the French Riviera still has a bright future ahead of it thanks to this luxurious refuge with the air of paradise on earth. 


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