The Enclosures We Love When It Comes To Changing The Walls For Glass In The Kitchen

Doors and partitions with glass guarantee larger spaces, better communication, and a greater dose of luminosity. They are the ideal option for modern kitchens. Check it out with this selection!

With an enclosure or glass wall both the kitchen and the adjoining room, usually the living room, dining room, or even hall; are the great beneficiaries. A reform that revalues ​​the house. If you do not dare to throw partitions and open the kitchen to the living room, a glass partition is a good bet: you can open and close it when you need it. These are our favorites.

1. White enclosure with hinged door

This type of glass wall or glazed enclosure is made to measure in lacquered or natural wood or metal, also lacquered. You can create the designs you imagine, playing with the arrangement of the bars and creating more traditional, industrial, or contemporary panels. The door handle can also be lacquered in the same tone as the frame of the enclosure.

2. With extra fine profiles

The minimal expression. This is how this enclosure with fixed and sliding door is: not only light due to the use of glass but also because it includes extra thin profiles that give the whole unit even more lightness. The design is perfect for minimalist environments .

3. Replace a part of the wall with glass

When designing a glass enclosure in the kitchen, not only do you have to think about floor-to-ceiling solutions in which the glazing becomes walls, but it is also possible to gain luminosity with an opening or portion of the glazed wall. It is the case of this project in which a window with panels is opened, coinciding with the location of the bar in the kitchen. Thus, narrow spaces gain in amplitude.

4. A whole glass transition front

The best idea to visually and spatially delimit the kitchen without losing integration is to replace an entire partition from side to side with glazing, as in this project where the fixed ones on the sides are completed with several sliding panels that cover the entire space. The guide is at the top and “falls” from the ceiling a few inches.

5. Between the kitchen and the hall

So that light can be distributed between the kitchen and the common area, the partition has been replaced by glass. It passes through the hall that is usually and in this case a darker area. There has been an enclosure made with a sliding panel in order not to subtract meters and that the door simply does not hinder the passage.

6. The glass partition incorporates a custom bench

For this kitchen to have the maximum natural light and to be functional at the same time there has been an upper part of the partition that is made of glass. On the kitchen side, the lower part is used for storage and it serves the best as a backrest and support area for the dining room bench which is on the opposite side.

7. With hinged doors and glass frame

This one we love more than the others. Want to know why? Well, first of all, because it is super convenient for small kitchens and large spaces. You can tell that the height of the passage door is pretty conventional but the space remains above up to the ceiling which is also covered with glazing. And look at the daring black lacquered profile that adds contrast and relevance to the whole space.

8. Fixed glass: with or without a door?

How to integrate the kitchen into the social area of the living room? Simple, just add a glass wall between the kitchen and the living room. With this decision, you can create the possibility of communicating or even better said – create the independence of the rooms just by putting a door, or leave only one or two fixed glass partitions.

9. No door but angled glass walls

Here we have total integration in the space by replacing the walls of this kitchen with glass partitions that have a black profile and small bar that look pretty sophisticated. This space is not closed with any door and the passage remains open through the opening. Fantastic idea, don’t you agree?


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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