The Cabin That Offers Unbelievable Views Of Nature

We want to show you a “little cabin” in the forest to disconnect with the best views of one of the best-known Norwegian fjords in the world, near the mythical Pulpit Rock in Norway. It is a cabin that satisfies the most epicurean pleasures since it is not only a space located in an idyllic setting, but it also has a high-level design, for lovers of pure Nordic design.

From its exterior, which is wrapped in Canadian cedar and has huge windows to fully immerse the visitor in the surrounding nature, to its interior, fully furnished and decorated with exquisite taste.

They have not left a detail to chance or unplanned, since the firm has designed kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, and even the kitchen tableware.

Inside, the walls and ceiling are clad in stained oak, while the floor is in polished concrete, leaving the furniture and decor in darker tones such as blacks and ebonized woods to create an extremely sophisticated and welcoming space, yet fully integrated into the landscape. We know you will enjoy it.








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