The Biggest 3 Mistakes HVAC Contractors Make

No matter what people might think HVAC unit are incredibly important for any real estate property as it dictates air quality and temperature. Working as an HVAC contractor is lucrative since much work is available, especially when working with an architect that has a lot of work or a contractor that is building/remodeling numerous properties.

The problem is that being a very skilled HVAC contractor is never actually enough. Knowing how to handle the business side of things and avoiding all the mistakes below is very important. Similarly to how architects add value, the skilled HVAC contractor will be vital for real estate projects but not if work is not done well. HVAC Philadelphia specialists highlight the most common mistakes contractors make in the following paragraphs.

Misunderstanding Combustion Safety

If a carbon monoxide call appears the contractor normally first checks the heat exchanger for cracks. When this is present the contractor tends to think this is the only thing that should be repaired. This can proved to be a really costly mistake. Many HVAC contractors do not test combustion appliance backdrafting. The result can be potentially dangerous for the homeowner.

Not Taking Air Flow Into Account

The truth is that if most HVAC contractors would properly understand air flow, we would see duct systems that would be a lot larger than what is present in most properties. Duct changeouts are almost always necessary during system changeouts. This is because existing ductwork is normally not properly sized, is prone to future trouble or is simply leaky. Whenever doing ductwork it is important to analyze air flow and see how it impacts the entire system.

Always Bidding Too Low

Being the low bidder is something desired by way too many HVAC contractors. In order to not lose a contract, technicians tend to simply bid really low. The problem is that this can lead to huge financial problems for the business. You do get the contract because of the low bid but there is a pretty good possibility work cannot properly be done. Scrimping on materials and labor becomes a necessity. Both the contractor and the homeowner lose in this case.

As contractors do low bid work, all costs have to be minimized. Poorly trained technicians tend to be hired and the equipment used will not be of the best possible standard. You cannot run an HVAC contractor business if you just try to go as low as necessary to land a contract. The smart contractors fully understand this and will never sacrifice work quality to get some work.

Final Thoughts

When doing work as an HVAC contractor it is important to make smart decisions in order to avoid potential problems. Finding new customers is a necessity but that will only be possible on the long run if the quality of the work done is as high as it should be and if profits appear. Never go for the lowest bid and avoid every single mistake mentioned above. If your reputation is built on quality work, business will keep coming.


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