The Best Trends & Inspiration For The Bathroom With The Most Beautiful Ones

In 2021, the trend of the previous year has consolidated and the bathrooms have been one of the rooms in the house that we have renovated the most. Reforms have sought not only to improve its aesthetics but also the functionality of a room from which we ask more and more things.

Because the bathroom is also a relaxation room where you can enjoy taking care of yourself. For this reason, although showers continue to replace many bathtubs due to their size, if the size of the bathroom allows it, freestanding bathtubs are included in the bathrooms whenever size allows.

The firms are committed to designing sinks and toilets but also to technology. The new materials have antibacterial and anti-limescale properties and are easier to clean and maintain. Sustainability also plays a fundamental role and is applied in the form of low flow taps. As it is a fact that the bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller, we adapt to their dimensions with shallow sinks and other furniture that adapt to small spaces. In terms of technology, we cannot forget about toilets with water. A trend that, although slowly, is normalizing in the bathroom, to say goodbye to bidets definitively (and gain space).

Materials & Colors

The most seen have been the large-format wall tiles in a marble finish, which either revisit the entire bathroom or only the walls most exposed to water. The other very seen trend is the lack of tiles in the bathrooms. The cement finish, the water-based paint, and even the wallpaper replace the former, although a beautiful and timeless tiling, which is always a trend.

As for the accessories, the taps and accessories in black, brass (more than gold), or in white are something for which we have continued to bet this year. Also, the screens with black profiles are still the queens in the shower to get a movie bath. This year, even Ikea has launched its line of partitions.











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