The Best Dream Bathroom Design Ideas

Who has never dreamed of a star, luxury, timeless, unreal bathroom? For the pleasure of the eyes, here is a selection of 10 bathrooms that are just… breathtaking!

In a bathroom, we like to take our time and pamper ourselves. And it’s so much nicer to do it in a luxury bathroom! Large bathtub, XXL space, a breathtaking view…here are the bathrooms we dream of!

Bathroom: how to arrange it?

The bathroom is an essential part of the house. We spend a lot of time there and it is important to feel good there. This is why the layout and layout of a bathroom are essential. Whether large or small, this space must be as comfortable as possible. We, therefore, think of storage by installing a clever piece of furniture to fit under the sink to store all our favorite products. We also do not hesitate to use the height under the ceiling to integrate save even more space. Finally, we think about making the right choices: if your bathroom is small, opt for a shower or a walk-in model. If it is on the contrary spacious, you can put a free-standing bathtub there!

Bathroom: the essentials to have

In the bathroom, certain essentials are to be had. They will allow to enlarge the room and make it more comfortable. This is the case of mirrors, which are not to be neglected and which will invite light into a windowless bathroom. Several models exist on the market: round, small, wide, long … it’s up to you to make the right choice! We also think of putting pretty towels, small storage boxes for beauty products, a discreet towel dryer, candles for a subdued atmosphere, and finally why not color?? Finished the bathrooms too purified, place today with the color, like the yellow, with gold, or with the green to wake up the room!

Discover our top 10 dream bathrooms! 












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