The best Christmas trees for houses with cats

You must have started thinking about where to put the Christmas tree already. Almost everyone usually chooses to put it in the living room, but when cats are involved, things change. And because cats have a natural attraction to things that sparkle, make noise, and move, they discover in Christmas tree decorations a stimulation to which they are unable to respond. What are we to do?

It is extremely likely that you have discovered the Christmas tree tossed on the floor more than once if you have already spent a Christmas with your cat and this one is particularly rambunctious (or a puppy). And in the worst case, there will be a thousand fragments of broken balls. So, can cats and Christmas trees get along? What are the greatest Christmas trees for homes with cats, if the answer is yes?


There are five methods you may use to guard your typical Christmas tree from cats if you don’t want to spend money on a customized Christmas tree.

1. Cut the lower branches of the tree using a pair of scissors, leaving only the higher branches. Your cat could still ascend the tree through the trunk, but it would be more difficult.

2. Place a foundation of aluminium foil around the tree, and wrap the foil over the trunk as well. Although you might not be aware of it, cats typically avoid areas with this type of material since they don’t like the way it feels to them.

3. Give the Christmas tree’s lower section some weight. If your cat decides to climb the tree, it is a fantastic choice that will stop the tree from falling to the ground.

4. Construct an enclosure around the tree. Although we are aware that it is not the most elegant solution, it is a fine one if you do not want to give up your beloved tree.

5. The final alternative is to suspend the Christmas tree from the ceiling. This is obviously unusual and uncomfortable, but it will work!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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