The Best Apps For The Reform & Decoration Of Your Home

Mobile applications help us organize our time, manage our money to discover new songs, and now they have also become an essential tool to assist us in the reform or decoration of our house.

A reform process can be tremendously stressful. During a short period, we have to make a lot of important decisions that will entail a great financial and emotional expense. Some delegate this work to interior designers and architects, others instead prefer to carry this burden and even enjoy it.

Now, the new Apps for the mobile discover us super useful tools to make the reform and decoration of our home more bearable. From 3D recreations with great detail to tools that make it easier for us to choose the color of the walls or simply take measurements of the spaces. Some of these Apps are even designed as a game, for decoration lovers who want to spend their free time decorating non-stop:

1. Planner 5D: Interior Design

One of the favorites in Spanish is this App that helps us plan our renovation and visualize the interior design through 2D and 3D images, playing with the more than 5000 items in its catalog.

The download is free, but you will have to pay to unlock many of its tools and catalog. It compensates if you are going to undertake a reform without the help of an interior designer or architect.

2. Smart Tools

This App will accompany you wherever you go during the reform of your house. Here there are no “niceties” but there are tools as practical as a meter, a flashlight, a level … up to 16 tools that will be very helpful when you want to remodel your entire house or some space.

3. Ikea Home Planners

A free online platform that allows you to plan the decoration of any space with different elements of the Swedish firm. From small corners to kitchens, bedrooms, or the interior of closets.

Now, there is also an extension called ENHET to plan your kitchen with Ikea or IKEA Place furniture, which allows you to visually check how an item would look in a real space in your home.

4. Bruguer Visualizer

App of the Spanish painting firm that allows us to visualize their colors in our own home and thus plan the color palette. You can check how your favorite colors would look, share the designs, choose and save the tones, and explore the wide variety of colors.

5. Live Home 3D: Interior Design

Other of the most intuitive home and interior design Apps. Like most, it has a catalog with a wide variety of tools and elements, but most are paid.

You can generate 2D floor plans with great detail, render designs in 3D in real-time, move around spaces, raise to 2 floors, store videos or find inspiration in a large gallery of images.

5. Photo Measures

With this simple App in English, you can store all the measurement data of the spaces and furniture in the house, so that when you go to buy the new furniture and decoration, you have all the information at hand.


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