The Best 9 Light Fixtures You Can’t Live Without

At the end of the last month during Milan Design Week the best of the best in illumination has been introduced. We agree with the decorators that the lighting is the most important element in one room, so if we have a beautifully designed room and the lighting is not right, then it’s awful. Yes, everything looses its aesthetic! But when its vice versa, an ugly room can look totally fabulous if it has the right lighting. Now, the following question is “How do I find the perfect light for my home”? Guys, no worries and look no further. Why? Because we’ve got you covered with a preview of this season’s best lighting launches fresh from Milan Design Week.

1. Wrap It

The Venezia lamp is a design collaboration between Marcel Wanders and Louis Vuitton. They created this one for their Objet Nomades collection.

2. Hidden in Plain Sight

This Camouflage lighting is so great for the outdoors and it comes in a variety of stone finishes that blend in with its surroundings. Thanks to Piero Lissoni this lighting is available.

3. Featured Screening

The partnership between Tomas Alonso and Hermés has resulted with a collection of table lamps. They look like screens and are illuminated from behind.

4. Rose All Day

Iconic creation from an iconic mind! The Artichoke pendant it’s in a new burnished copper option with the original rose finish.

5. Mini Me

Armani/Casa has offered a mini version of its Logo Lamp which is the most known lamp, since it has been one of the first products ever designed for the Armani/Casa. It has been designed as line back in 1982 by Giorgio Armani himself.

6. Glow Sticks

Just look at these great color additions by Draga & Aurel! The Judd lamps are the greatest fit for any wall. How do you feel about these lightnings?

7. Three-Tiered Chandelier

Gabriel Scot has come up with this custom Luna chandelier. It comes in one, two, or three tiers as well ad a pendant. Our favorite one so far! Which one is yours?

8. Au Natural

The New-York based designer Anna Karlin, was presenting for the first time in Milan. She made the greatest debut of her new Dimple Lamps, which are reminiscent of the natural forms she is known for.

9. Butterfly Shades

Delicate shades that reminiscent of a butterfly, isn’t this everything? The new Papilio light that gas been made by Armando Bruno & Alberto Torres for Masiero Group is a full experience as you can see. We must admit that we love the design, such a unique butterfly effect.


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