The best 3 shelfie designs

One of the most well-liked photo fads in the interior scene is the shelfie. In a sense, this is the objectified version of the popular selfie when you hold someone else’s face up for the camera. The English word for shelf is also the source of the compound name. Highlight: Various ornamental accents subtly transform the shelves into miniature works of art without appearing overly staged. To make the ideal shelfie, we’ll show you how to quickly decorate shelves and wall boards.

Shelfie in a Mediterranean summer look

This shelfie undoubtedly makes us think of a modest house by the sea. The warm colors and the nautical shapes and natural materials give the impression that we are on a decorative trip to the south. Here, terracotta, glass, and stone are combined with summery hues and pure white. The shelfie almost looks alive thanks to the vivid book covers and vibrant flowers. The geometric glass vases provide a stunning contrast to the shelf’s generally cheerful appearance.

Decor tip: Put three to four items on each shelf and use something white to give each one a touch of serenity. The best objects for this are decorative statues and miniature busts.

Simply decorated shelfie in bright colors

This shelfie looks like it could be from a contemporary apartment belonging to a fashion-forward woman Γ  la Miranda Priestly: it’s incredibly sleek, simple, and trendy. White, which predominates across the entire shelfie ensemble, is the main point of interest. On the boards, there are a few loosely arranged ornaments and large vases. It can still be airy. A modest contrast is provided by storage containers made of natural materials, where small items can be cunningly concealed from inquisitive eyes. The shelfie is finished with decorative incense sticks.

Decor tip: Light-colored shelves with simple decorations provide the appearance of friendliness and space in tiny spaces.

Romantic shelfie look in white and gold

The ideal shelfie with a WOW factor is produced by combining a dash of romance, a dash of simplicity, and a maritime touch. In contrast to the shelf’s usually extremely plain decoration, the gold in this style jumps out in particular. The glass bowls filled with sand and the little coral-shaped sculptures add to the summery feel. Dark novels can be purposefully used to provide a counterargument if you so choose. To prevent blending too many different designs, it is advisable to avoid other colors for this shelfie idea.

Decor tip: Position the shelfie’s components in the middle of the shelf. This creates an especially balanced sense of formation.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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