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Operation and integration of a wine cellar

For wine lovers, one of the most frequent concerns is that the wine, once opened, tends to lose its flavor and fragrance after a short time.

Normally, we blame the bottle, pointing out that it was not a good wine. However, we rarely stop to think about the maintenance or conservation that a good bottle of wine needs. To solve these problems, integrating a wine cellar in a place where wine bottles are usually found (such as at home or in a restaurant) is the best option to keep the bottles preserved.


In simple terms, a 2-temperature wine cellar is a refrigerator specialized in the preservation of wine, providing the necessary conditions to maintain its quality, isolating the wine from certain atmospheric factors, such as temperature and humidity, which can reduce its quality. In addition to having 2 independent temperatures between them. For the wine to be properly stored, the entry of light, humidity, and heat must be avoided. Although the temperature to store the bottle can change concerning the type of wine, the average is between 12 ° to 16 °, being configurable for wines with different requirements. There are even wine cellars with more than one temperature zone, to be able to store a greater variety of bottles. In this case, we are talking about a2 temperature wine cooler. On the other hand, the vibration can also harm the well-being of the wine. For this reason, the wine cellar manages to provide stability to the bottles.


When purchasing a wine cellar, it must be taken into account that not all of them are capable of being integrated into a space, and, to do so, certain factors must be considered.

Type of cooling

The type of cooling is important, as thermoelectric cooling technology is not suitable for installation in small spaces. In these cases, a cooling compressor that uses a fan is one of the most suitable models to install. In most cases, a 2 temperature wine cellar usually has a compressor to guarantee a more stable and constant temperature.

Door position

Although it seems obvious, the rotation of the door is also a key point, especially for those that have double temperature and, therefore, the compartments are separated.


The size of the built-in wine cabinet is also an aspect to take into account. The size of the model will determine its storage capacity, however, its measurements must be proportional to the place that you want to give it. For home use, small wine cabinets are usually sufficient. However, in places such as hotels, offices, or restaurants, considerable space must be provided for wine cellars with greater storage capacity. 





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