Taking a Nap in The Garden? Here’s The Art Behind It!

It is a rather special article which awaits you today since it is questioned at the same time of “decoration” of the garden or at least of arrangement and lifestyle. A slow activity par excellence. When the beautiful days are here, when it is the holidays, we tend to slow down. And what could be better than enjoying the garden, the terrace, the balcony to sleep for a while?

We do not sleep specialists, but we did some research for this part of the article. It could further unbalance the sleep pattern. For others, there are two types of naps:

  • The short nap of 10 to 30 minutes – allows you to relax and unwind, it would also make you more productive. One way to reset the counters to zero in the middle of the day. It generally corresponds to the boost one feels after the meal.
  • The nap which lasts from 1h 30 to 3h hit corresponds to one or two cycles of sleep. It compensates for a sleepless night and to take full advantage of this time of sleep, it is advisable to sleep in a bed in pajamas.

We don’t know if we can count the swimsuit as a nightwear and if we can assimilate the sunbath as a full bed…


The Daybed if it is literally translated means “day bed“. It is a mixture of meridians on which you can lie down but with an idea of ​​comfort that is even more present. The Daybed will be wider, sometimes with uprights. You can also find cushions there to make it more comfortable. The Daybed invites nonchalance and rest. It is not a specific element of the garden; For the outside, you just have to make sure that it is not afraid of humidity and that the textiles have UV protection. A bit like sunbathing!


Normally, sleeping in the garden cannot be improvised, especially in the middle of summer just after a meal, there are a few precautions to take.
The first that comes to mind is to protect yourself from the sun. Unless you want to finish crayfish red on one side, it is better to find a corner in the shade: either that of a tree or that of a parasol.
The second idea goes in the same direction: remember to hydrate yourself regularly. Not during the nap since you are going to sleep. (We are not yet at the point of getting an infusion to stay hydrated during this time in the garden…) Remember to drink before: during the meal, just before sleeping. Also remember to drink afterward, even several hours later. Dehydration is insidious in summer. It becomes embedded without us realizing it.

Another tip for taking a good nap in the garden is to avoid insect spots. Avoid sitting right next to your flower bed, for example. Even though insects don’t usually bite for no reason, sometimes they have a logic that is beyond our knowledge.
Finally, the last precaution to take relates to comfort: What will you take a nap on to sleep well. Some will appreciate the enveloping and rocking side of the hammock, others will be more comfortable on a sunbath.








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