Take good care of your bedding

We have been told enough: as you make your bed, you go to bed! Behind this very moralizing adage, however, hides a very practical reality: the bed, this ultimate cocoon, can offer us a restful sleep… provided it is well maintained, of course, like the rest of its bedding!

Maintain your mattress

A good bed base and a mattress adapted to our morphology: this is the ultimate combination for sleeping well and avoiding back pain! For you, the mattress protector is exclusively reserved for young children, likely to forget themselves during the night. Big mistake! Sweating, breakfast accidents… there are plenty of opportunities to dirty the mattress! We, therefore, adopt mattress protectors on a daily basis. This does not prevent regular cleaning, especially if you are sensitive to dust mites. To do this, start by exposing your mattress to the sun: the ideal is to leave it for 4 to 5 hours. Then arm yourself with your vacuum cleaner. Proceed carefully, vacuuming the entire surface of the mattress: both faces, but also the sides.

Clean your duvet

Comfort, voluptuousness, and sleeping in the duvet are all that at once! Suffice it to say that we love it… except when cleaning it! Its main weakness? The quilt is bulky! However, it is necessary to wash it, preferably at each change of season. If you have opted for a feather or down duvet, you will have to go through the laundry room. Does your duvet go in the washing machine? We don’t get carried away! Check the specifications of your washing machine. When your duvet has dimensions greater than 200 x 200, a machine of at least 7 kg is necessary. If this is not the case, it is better to go back to the pressing option! On a daily basis, we also use a duvet cover, which we change every two weeks.

Wash your pillows

Do you regularly change your pillowcases? If this is essential, know that it is not enough. Indeed, our pillows are put to the test: because not content with sweating, we often… drool! It’s not glamorous, we grant you that. But the fact is that our pillows can quickly turn into a real nest of bacteria. We, therefore, take care to clean them every two to three months. As with a duvet, the type of filling is important: feathers and down, therefore, take the path of the dry cleaners. For the others, we refer to their label to find out the ideal temperature, most often between 40°C and 60°C.


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