Take a Look at the Latest Bathroom Trends!


You could say that credenza is the key element of the bathroom! So yes I sometimes understand that it is very difficult to choose … With everything that we see passing on the networks and the difficulty of choosing when we find ourselves in front of thousands of samples in a DIY store. So if you want to trend, we recommend the super trendy zellige tile because very hot! You will like its shiny and artisanal side … You can also opt for a white splashback and in this case vary the pleasures with an original pose or a revisited subway tile. Finally, the colored tile also remains a very nice solution for a trendy bathroom.


Gone are the bathrooms with classic furniture, the game? We use unexpected furniture such as a beautiful Scandinavian row or an old wooden stall on which we come to put one or two basins. The charm will work right away!


Finally, to perfect this piece, it is impossible to neglect decorative accessories, mirror level, the rounded XXL models are always as successful. This gives an art deco touch to the bathroom. If you have light do not hesitate to use plants it will give life to the room! Finally, there is also the question of taps: you can have fun: copper, black or even enamel sink, it’s up to you … 


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