Tables and Paintings for a Vibrant Living Room

Decorating the living room, whether integrated or not, deserves special care! All decorative objects combined with architecture must harmonize to form an environment with a personality that reflects the tastes of residents. For this reason, living room paintings play an important role in the final stage of an interior project, in addition to being versatile and having the power to completely transform the mood of the environment!

What are the advantages of using paintings in the decoration of the room?

  • Focal point: frames can be strategically positioned to direct the eye and define the highlighted area in the environment;
  • Versatility: easily replaced, the paintings allow the decoration of the room to follow the changes in taste and style of the residents. It is possible to change the art, change the frames or even rearrange the layout of the frames to create another look;
  • Personal expression: a unique and personalized room with paintings that reflect the interests, stories, passions, and lifestyles of the residents;
  • More color and texture: in addition to complementing the existing color chart in the room, pictures with different textures, such as embossed paintings or framed photographs, can add depth and variety to the space;
  • Cozy atmosphere: your presence is able to make the room more pleasant and inviting for residents and visitors;
  • Hides imperfections: strategically position the paintings on a wall and quickly hide irregularities, cracks, or stains;

Frame composition techniques

It is very common to use the frame composition technique, where items are positioned on the wall to form a single plane. To do this type of installation, you need to follow some tips, such as:

  • Choose prints and colors that match each other;
  • Choose different sizes to give the wall dynamics;
  • Frames must be similar, either by color or thickness;
  • Finally, try to work with the same theme or style: geometric, landscape, floral, musical, nature, etc.

For each proposal and decoration style, there is a way to choose the right frame or composition. To clarify all your doubts about which model to choose, here are our favorite living rooms that use creativity and style to enhance this environment:









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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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