Super Creative Ideas To Build Your Own Printed Sofa

It might seem like a challenge to match a patterned sofa with the rest of the decor. But it is not! With the right tips and inspiration, you will see that a patterned sofa has a lot to offer.

Just take a look at all the tips and ideas we’ve separated and fall in love with this original and unusual decor idea. Follow up!

Living room decor with patterned sofa

It’s not every day that we see a patterned sofa decorating someone’s living room. And the reason for this is simple: the prints cause a certain dread in the mind of those who are decorating.

Most people are afraid of getting their hands wrong and ending up in an overloaded, confusing, and unfriendly environment. All this concern is valid, since if the prints are not well worked, this really can happen, especially in the case of a sofa, the main furniture in the room. Therefore, it is important to go with caution and take some precautions. See the tips:

Sofa arrives first

The sofa is usually the biggest element in a room. Therefore, your choice has a great weight in the entire composition of the environment. And if it’s a patterned sofa, then don’t even mention it.

Because of this, it is interesting that the printed sofa is the first item to be placed in the decoration. Imagine the furniture as the first brushstroke of a blank canvas. That’s because as the printed sofa has a strong visual appeal, it’s easier to start decorating with it. Only after he’s in the room, start planning what the next elements will be. But, if it’s a tip, continue the proposal, always following the biggest to the smallest.

Choose the rug, then the curtains, the furniture, and finally the smaller decorative elements such as lamps, pillows, and other objects.

Prints x decorative styles

The type of print that covers the sofa says a lot about the decorative style that the environment will have.

Check out the following images of printed sofas below and see how you can put this theory into practice:











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