Sundial House by Specht Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Project: Sundial House
Architects: Specht Architects
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Photographs by: Taggart Sorensen

Sundial House by Specht Architects

Austin-based studio Specht Architects known for their The New Canaan Residence project, have submitted one their latest project.
The Sundial house is a contemporary residence located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has already received the Jeff Harnar Award for Contemporary Architecture.
It is placed on top of a ridge that offers spectacular panoramic views of the Sangre de Christos mountains and the architects made sure the home makes the most of its location.

This ridgetop house in Santa Fe is organized around two perpendicular board-formed concrete walls. The walls are an element of continuity, linking interior and exterior spaces and the landscape beyond. A narrow skylight runs the entire 125’ length of one of the walls, casting changing shadows on the rough concrete over the span of the day.

The front of the house is set deeply into the earth. You enter through a recessed courtyard and into a cool, private vestibule. An opening cut into one of the concrete walls then leads you into the main body of the house, where panoramic views of the Sangre de Christos mountains are revealed. Although there are large expanses of glass, they are all deeply shaded by cantilevered roof forms that create porches around the perimeter.

The house enhances a feeling of connection to the site, both physically, and temporally, and provides a true sense of shelter.

Specht Architects


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