Stylish and Functional – Discover the Versatility of White Sideboards

King of the entrance hall, the sideboard is a joker piece of furniture that can (and should) also be present in other areas of the house. If he’s white, even better. The white sideboard is the ultimate in versatility and manages to fit elegantly and stylishly into any type of decor. 

Follow the post with us and find out how to use this piece of furniture and get inspired to create an incredible decoration. 

One color, many possibilities

The white sideboard is neutral and elegant in nature. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t get very far with him. On the contrary, the white sideboard brings several aesthetic possibilities for decoration. To do this, just pay attention to some details. Check out the tips:

Express modernity

The white sideboard, due to its neutral tone, is perfect for composing modern decorations of the most varied styles. As a basic rule, models with straight lines, with few details and ornaments, are the most suitable. 

For those who want to create industrial-style decor, for example, a white sideboard with an iron base is the ideal choice. As for decor with a Scandinavian style, the tip is to bet on a model that combines white with light wood. 

The minimalist style, in turn, is very well represented by an all-white sideboard, with straight lines and no adornments. If you opt for a model with drawers, for example, prefer those that do not come with visible handles.

Rustic comfort

The white sideboard can also be used in rustic-style decorations, you know? For a classic rustic, invest in a sideboard made of demolition wood, for example, with white paint. Do you prefer decor with a boho aesthetic? Then the white sideboard with details in light wood is a good choice.

The white sideboard can still reveal a Provencal aesthetic. For this, the tip is to bring furniture with a patina finish to the decor, or even with details that refer to classic woodwork, with rounded corners and carved parts.

Class and sophistication

The classic and sophisticated style is another one that has a guaranteed turn with the white sideboard. Here, the first option that comes to mind is the white lacquered sideboard. 

The brightness of the piece and the fine and super delicate finish combine perfectly with the proposal.

Retro charm

The retro decoration is another style that can be combined with the white sideboard. To create that vintage atmosphere in the environment, choose a model with a stick and slanted feet. The presence of drawers with ball handles is also a feature of this model.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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