Styles How To Decorate Your Easter Table And A Gallery To Be Inspired

Easter table decoration: what you can not miss

Traditional ornaments

Easter is not Easter without the traditional decorations of that time of year. In addition to using them in the decoration of the house, Easter ornaments can and should be present in the decoration of the table. Check out the tips:


The bunny is the main symbol of Easter. It represents birth, fertility, and hope. Not to mention that the bunny refers to childhood and a time of innocence and tenderness. That is, he cannot be left out, even if you do not have children at home.

Nowadays it is possible to find bunnies in the most different sizes, colors, and styles, ranging from the most refined made of ceramic to the most rustic made of straw or wood, in addition to the chocolate bunnies. Another way of inserting this element in the decoration is through prints. It can be a bunny tablecloth, napkins, glasses, and even plates with the cute face of this pet.

Little eggs

The eggs are another ornament that cannot be left out! For the decoration of the Easter table, you can reuse the chicken eggshells, decorating them.

It is also possible to use the eggs as a candle holder or to plant small flowers and even succulents. Want another cool idea? Cook the eggs and paint faces on them. When the guests arrive, just peel the eggs and eat.


Bunnies love carrots and we love bunnies. So this is more than enough reason for you to use carrots to decorate the Easter table. Go to the market and buy a bouquet of beautiful fresh carrots and arrange them on the table. It looks beautiful!


Chicks are another symbol of Easter. They are not very popular in Brazil, but in other countries, they are indispensable, besides the children love them. Therefore, do not dismiss this other cute little animal in the decoration of the Easter table.

Styles of Easter table

Simple Easter table

A simple Easter table can be surprising. This is because it tends to have fewer decorations, but it is not less beautiful or neat. You can bet on a simple Easter table from items you already have at home.

Take the crockery, napkins, and other ornaments from the drawers. Put everything on the table and see what goes with what. Also, note the style that prevails and from there create your Easter table.

Children’s and playful Easter table

Children and adults are always enchanted with playful Easter decorations. To do this, invest in a colorful table full of traditional elements, especially bunnies, nests, and carrots, the kids’ favorites. Do not put aside eggs, lollipops, and other chocolate treats.

DIY Easter table

When the intention is to save a little money and still create a personalized and original decoration, then your best option is the DIY Easter table. Here, nothing better than calling the children and creating the ornaments together. It can be folded, hand-painted eggs, niches of straw, among other typical elements that can be customized at home.

Minimalist and modern Easter table

Want to get out of the traditional? So the tip is to invest in a minimalist and modern table. Choose neutral tones, such as white, black, gray combined with metallic or woody tones.

Religious Easter table

If you want to rescue the religious tradition of Easter, the tip is to decorate the table with elements that refer to Christian customs. To do this, place breads of various types on the table, in addition to wine and grapes. The fish is another religious symbol that can be used in religious Easter decoration.

Want more Easter table ideas? Then check out the images we’ve selected below and get inspired:












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