How to Style Your Coffee Table for Spring

Your coffee table display should change with the seasons so whether you are wondering how to style a new coffee table or you simply want to spruce up your old one, the following tips will help you create a chic setting.

Beautiful Blooms

Styling a coffee table isn’t simply a case of filling the surface with accessories that don’t really fit in any other room of the house. Your coffee table needs structure and a seasonal theme to really stand out. One way to style your table for spring is to include a natural or living element such as beautiful spring flowers. A small bouquet of tulips or daffodils is guaranteed to brighten up your display and adds interest by introducing different colours and textures.IMG_7790

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a clichéd way of decorating a coffee table but coupled with other unique items, books add an element of sophistication. Books not only offer a source of entertainment but you can stack them to create different heights. Choose books to reflect your interests or check out the 20 best coffee table books of 2014 for table

Add a Signature Scent

Your coffee table should reflect your personality and what better way to do this than incorporate a signature scent? Candles not only look great and fragrance a room, they also create instant ambience which is great when you’re entertaining guests. If you don’t have a signature scent, choose a floral scent for spring.Kicheche-Valley-coffee-table-candles-mess-Copy-2-1024x705

Trendy Trays

A chic tray is a great way to fill the space you have, especially on your coffee table. Chrome trays are on trend for spring and complement contemporary tables like the ones from Trade Furniture Company. A tray is the ideal way of showcasing smaller items such as matches, notebooks or even pebbles you collect on the

Conversation Pieces

Lastly, every coffee table display needs a statement piece that stands out from the rest of the objects. This will add instant ‘wow’ factor to your display while creating a talking point among guests. Dare to be different and include quirky items such as a uniquely shaped vase or unique coasters.

Creating a chic coffee table display is easy when you incorporate the five basic types of accessories. Use trays, candles, flowers, books and quirky items to create a stunning coffee table display that will turn heads.


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