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The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a new trend in homes: the corner of the study. Before, this space was a “plus”, a kind of complement to the school environment. Now, it has practically become a rule.

With children and teenagers at home, the school has moved and now needs to fit into the home environment. So, if your home is not yet equipped with a study corner, then it’s time to think about it. We give you strength here with lots of tips and beautiful ideas, come check it out.

Study corner decoration

Inspire and motivate

A really cool decorating tip for the study corner is to invest in comics, blackboard walls, streamers, and mobile signs that bring inspiring and motivational messages.

Thus, the student gains an incentive when studying.

Bring color and playfulness

The study corners for children can and should bring playful and colorful elements that motivate them to study.

Look for inspirations in characters and themes that please the little ones.

Recycle and decorate

How about betting on recycling to decorate the study corner? A bottle of shampoo, for example, can become a pencil holder, while toilet paper rolls can become organizers and so on.

A cheap, beautiful, and sustainable way to decorate.

Useful and pleasant

Finally, how about joining the useful with the pleasant? That is, transform the essential elements of the study corner into decoration. The table, the chair, the shelves, the school supplies, all of these can become a decorative element, as long as you create a harmony between all these objects.

Check out more 9 decoration tips for the study corner:










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