Steps To Organize Your Garage

Today we are going to talk about a garage or, more specifically, about an organized garage.

And the question we have to ask you is: how is your garage right now? Clean and organized or general chaos? If you chose the second option, stay calm. This is not your problem alone. And do you know why? The garage is one of those spaces in the house that serves much more than just storing cars.

But let’s get down to business? Learn how to organize the garage. We have put together unmissable tips for you to assume since your garage is also a warehouse and, thus, be able to better deal with everything that needs to be organized in there. Just take a look!

How to organize the garage

1. Define what the garage functions will be

The main function of the garage is to store the car. But in practice, everyone knows that’s not quite how it works. The garage can easily be turned into a workshop, warehouse, or anything else you can imagine. But it is important to have a clear definition of what the main functions of this environment are, in addition to guarding a car.

If, for example, you decide that this will be the space for your craft workshop, then ensure an organization that includes this functionality instead of improvising the space.

2. Empty and move everything

After the first step, it’s time to get it all out. Empty your garage. In this way, it is possible to have a better idea of ​​the space you have available and to decide the best way to organize it. When emptying the garage, it is also possible to notice if there are problems with humidity and infiltration in the walls, mold and mildew stains, and other details that need to be repaired.

If so, restore the walls, eliminate stains and leaks and finish with a new paint job.

3. Separate and organize items by category

The next step is to start sorting and organizing everything you discovered back in the garage. The sector as much as possible. Create a sector for painting objects such as paint cans, rollers, and brushes, for example. If you have gardening tools it is also good to separate them from other items and so on.

4. Hooks are welcome

To complement the function of the shelves, install some hooks. They are very useful and can be used for several things, from storing bicycles to everyday tools.

5. Pegboard panel

The pegboard panel, also known as the Eucatex panel, is made of wood with several hollow balls. This type of panel is a handy tool for organizing your garage, as it allows you to hang several things using hooks.

6. Leave room for the car

It may seem too obvious to say this, but remember to leave enough space to drive your car in and out of the garage. This means, among other things, removing objects from the floor, as well as regulating the height of the shelves so that they are not too low and end up bumping into the car.

Another important tip: keep shelves as far away from the car as possible. This is a safety measure, considering that any falling object can cause damage to your car.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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