Spacious & Very Versatile Bathroom With a Dressing Room

More than a bathroom? So is this space that brings together a toilet area, dressing room, and a vanity area convertible into a work area.

The architect of this house says this is not just a bathroom. We are also looking for a space to live with a dressing room, a living area, or even an office. That is why we incorporated details that would make it one more room in the house in which to feel very comfortable. This premise was what led the architect to combine warm coverings, such as ipé wood for some areas of the floor or for the under-sink, with others cooler but in cozy tones, such as wenge and cream stone for the most exposed areas the water. The doors decorated with rice paper, the carpet, or the large central pouf also add warmth and are opposed to the mirrors, glass, and porcelain of the toilets.

The distribution of the different areas was made based on natural light. The bathtub, a piece embedded in a wooden structure, was arranged under one of the large windows that allow you to enjoy the view of the mountain. The toilets were placed behind the bathtub and safe by an acid glass partition, a solution that gives privacy and turns the bathroom into a living area by hiding them from view. Perpendicular to the bathtub, a one-piece stone countertop was placed, which accommodates on one side the sink, with a backlit mirror, and on the other end and under the second window, a perfect vanity area for makeup, write, or to improvise a working corner. In front of it, a large walk-in wardrobe opens that combines a sliding mirror door with a panel door. Collecting s the essence of the bathroom: functionality and warmth.



The shower screen is transparent so as not to subtract light, while the one in the bathtub is acid, which gives the privacy of the toilets.


It combines two doors: a more decorative panel door and a mirror door, essential in a dressing room.


The bathroom has been thought of as a multifunctional space, with a dressing room, dressing table – office… The worktop has been planned with two areas: one for sinks and the other as a dressing table or makeshift work area.


The plan of this bathroom shows how all the elements have been distributed to leave a large central space in which to dress, relax, and move comfortably.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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