Sous plat de Natal – What Is It And Amazing Ideas To Make One

Christmas is the best time of year to personalize the entire house. Practically everything you have at home can be given the colors and symbols of Christmas. And one of these items, which sometimes goes unnoticed, is the sous plat. So it is! The Christmas sous plat is a great way to personalize your table setting and can be done in any number of ways.

Check out the tips and ideas we’ve separated.

What is sous plat and what is it for?

Sousplat is a type of plate, only larger than the serving plate. It is used under the main dish, above the tablecloth, and is, on average, about 35 cm in diameter. The word sous plat comes from the French (pronounced suplá) and means “under the plate” (sous = sub and plat = plate).

Hence, it is not difficult to deduce what sous plat is for. Its main function, in addition to helping to decorate the table, is to help keep the tablecloth cleaner, since food spills and crumbs end up falling on it, instead of hitting the tablecloth directly. The sous plat also helps to mark each guest’s place at the table. The use of a sous plat does not eliminate the need for a tablecloth, although it can also be used directly on the table, especially in modern and relaxed decor proposals. 

And, one more thing, don’t confuse traditional American games with sous plat. They are very different pieces. The placemat works as a small individual towel that serves to support not only the plate but each person’s cup and cutlery, while the sous plat only works to support the plate. Therefore, sous plat can be used in conjunction with the placemat.

How to use sous plat on the table set?

Sousplat is not usually an item that makes up the daily table setting. It ends up being more used on special occasions and dates, as well as at Christmas. Therefore, it is natural that doubts arise about the correct way to use the accessory, isn’t it? 

But so that there is no doubt at all, we list below the main tips for you to use the sous plat right there on your desk, just like the costumes, or better, the etiquette. Check out:

  • Sousplat must not be used as a serving dish. It is just a support for the main course and must remain on the table throughout the meal, including dish changes, being removed only when serving dessert. 
  • The sous plat should be placed on the tablecloth or placemat, being positioned about two fingers above the edge so that it does not touch the guest.
  • Sousplat does not need to be the same color or pattern as the plate or napkin. You can create creative and authentic compositions depending on the dinner theme and date. The only important thing is that there is a visual harmony between the pieces.

Want more Christmas sous to plat ideas? So check out the 50 images we’ve selected below and get inspired to make an amazing table setting.











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