Small & Wonderful Kitchens to Get Inspired

We know some of us might be short on square footage when it comes to the kitchen space, but hey that should never inhibit your kitchen design’s potential. Simply like that! To bring your cooking space into top shape – functionally and aesthetically, is just a few creative ideas away from turning it into reality. So no matter if you have a space for a large kitchen or a small one it’s the effort that counts, and how ready you are to make it the most gorgeous place in your home,

We have some creative homes that used small kitchen layouts to their advantage with double-duty accents, bold cabinetry, sleek lighting solutions, and so many more ideas. Now we’ll leave you to read on the following kitchen designs that are maybe small on space but big on the style they carry with themselves.

1. Multi-Functional Peninsula

This is one of the ways to make the most of your countertops the key to a functional kitchen, and the cooking space will offer a calm place to wash, cook, and dine all in one.

2. Pots Hung High

Pot racks hanging over a salvaged pine island? Is this a YES for your kitchen space? This will put the space that you typically underutilized into good use.

3. Black & White Kitchen

Wall cover in a Madeline Weinrib wallpaper and antique birthing chair for your not so usual kitchen style? Just look at that marble top on the custom kitchen island.

4. Impactful Color

In this kitchen, the countertops are poured concrete, as well as the doors, window frames, and the custom cabinetry is all painted in a custom color. This way it helps the single row of countertops to make a bit of impact in this cooking space.

5. Modern Galley Kitchen

Every detail fits in this kitchen space, so we don’t know what to say that it would add up to the imagery here. Maybe we should stay silent, and let this kitchen take your breath away with its modern design and pure feel.

6. Modern Kitchen

The kitchen’s lacquer cabinetry is custom made and it gives clean aesthetic. Just wonderful, isn’t it?

7. Grey & White Hues

These add charm to the kitchen in this farmhouse, featuring a hood, range, and sink that are complementary.

8. Full of Antiques

Just look at this wonderful, peaceful, and bright kitchen that as a kitchen island serves a vintage French artist’s table.

9. White Sculptural Kitchen

This one is an inviting all-white kitchen that has been completed with a custom-made sink and counters, as well as the dishwasher.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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