Small but Mighty: The Breastfeeding Armchair for Small Spaces

It may sound cliche, but breastfeeding is truly an act of love. Breastfeeding not only provides all the nutrients the baby needs but also has the power to create a deep bond between mother and child.

However, in order for everything to go smoothly and smoothly, breastfeeding must be planned. And there’s nothing better than a nursing chair for that.

This coveted piece of furniture in children’s rooms brings more comfort and practicality to this special moment. And if the room is small? In this case, the solution is to invest in a small nursing chair that can adapt to the space available.

Tips to make the right choice

Comfort and ergonomics

Undoubtedly, one of the first things to pay attention to is the comfort and ergonomics offered by the armchair. For this reason, it is best to always make the purchase in person so that you can try on the furniture and assess whether it suits your needs.

However, if you decide to buy online, take into account all the dimensions of the armchair (width, height, and depth) and also check the type of material used in its manufacture.

The backrest is another detail that deserves attention. A newborn can breastfeed for up to 50 minutes. This requires the chair to be comfortable enough to allow the hand to rest on the head and relax while breastfeeding.

Also, check if the armchair has armrests. They also help provide more comfort and support to the arms of the mother who spends a lot of time with the baby in her arms.

Puff to supplement

A pouf is already included in some models of the nursing chair. But if the model you liked doesn’t come with the item, it’s worth choosing one outside. Especially after childbirth, the puff offers excellent support for the feet and promotes blood circulation.

Attention to the fabric

The nursing chair can be made in different fabrics. Leather or faux leather is easy to care for, but natural fabrics like cotton and linen are unbeatable when it comes to comfort.

Not to mention that these fabrics are also decorative jokers that later adapt to any environment in the house.


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