Nursing chair: models to choose from

Choosing the perfect nursing chair when decorating the baby’s room is not one of the easiest tasks. Especially if you are a first-time mom! Because the nursing chair guarantees an exclusive, comfortable and inviting place for this important moment in the life of mom and baby.

Several factors are highlighted when we think of a nursing chair: ergonomics, the mother’s comfort: the supports for the back, the head, the arms, the legs – poof: yes or no?; Baby’s comfort, in addition to adapting to the rest of the room. All this makes the task difficult, but not impossible!

So that you don’t make a mistake when choosing the armchair, in today’s article we will give you the right tips, talk about the advantages of an armchair, what you should pay attention to before buying and what care tips!

Mom and baby: how to choose the perfect armchair for both

1. Good support for the head, back and arms

When holding the baby, these two supports are essential, so it doesn’t cause discomfort for the mother, especially after breastfeeding for a while.

The lateral armrest helps to hold the baby during breastfeeding, making it easier to reach the breast. Thus, the weight is distributed and the task requires less effort from the mother.

The ideal is to be able to support the entire lumbar region of the spine on the back of the armchair. In this case, ergonomics is extremely important: a well-made armchair has the perfect curvature, almost hugging mom’s back.

In the case of the head, most armchairs do not have such a long backrest, but you can already separate a pillow if that is your case.

2. Height suitable for mom’s size

It’s no use, a very high chair for a shorter woman or a low chair for a tall woman requires a lot of effort when sitting and getting up, which can cause pain for the mother and discomfort for the baby, breaking the moment of relaxation.

Make sure you choose the right armchair for your body type!

3. Footrest on the armchair or puff

Another very important factor to ensure the mother’s comfort: is the footrest. Here we have two main alternatives: the footrest on the armchair or the puffs. These are usually quite famous and are often sold together with the armchairs, but there are some models sold separately.

The puff is a good resource, as it guarantees very stable support to rest your legs.
Another type of resource that is not so used is the chaise longue, those elongated armchairs that are already made to spread our legs in their structure.

After all these tips, now check out these pictures of nursing chair models in bedroom decor. And at the end of this article you will find out how to clean your armchair:








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