Simple Ways To Give Your Home An Enchanting Makeover

You needn’t go all out to make meaningful design changes to your home. There are so many fantastic options on the market to bring new life to your interior without the need to throw out every curtain and couch. The Soothing Company is an excellent source of inspiration, in that one can bring fixtures and features into your home that are modular and easily moved around.

And that is the key to modern design. You want to avoid the sort of changes that lock you into any one design element or style. Today it’s all about that word, modular. Being able to make easy, on the fly design changes allows you to mix things up as often as you like without it costing an arm and a leg. We have put together our favourite simple interior design tips that you can mix and match at your discretion.

Curious Curios

The dry minimalism of the decade prior almost saw the death of the curio and all non-utilitarian decor for that matter. There has been a steady revival in lavish decor, and it could not have come sooner. While minimalism has its virtues, we instead value personality in interior design, the sense of home reflected by the personal touch, if you will.

It is with this in mind that we recommend the return to curios. Oddities and abstract conversation pieces don’t necessarily speak to decadence when carefully curated. In conjunction with the revival of antiquing, the beauty of stacked hat boxes and ornate coffers lives on once more.

Ambience Meets Aesthetics

Just as curios and decorations can bring a meaningful aesthetic without affecting the practicality of the space, so too do subtle features that add to the natural ambience. Water features and decorative bespoke pendulum lighting would never have made our list ten years ago. Not because they haven’t always been beautiful, but because they most certainly have not always been modular.

Speaking to how easily they can be moved or rearranged, modular fixtures refer to moveable water features, fireplaces, lighting solutions etc. There exist an enormous amount of options, therefore where you would once have been forced to rigidly design an aesthetic to complement your water fountain or fireplace, you can now look for one that matches your vision. And best of all, you can move it to suit your tastes.

Clever Rugs and Curtains

We are sure that one of the major tech companies is probably designing some ‘smart rug’, but that is not what we are referring to here. This tip speaks to a smart approach when purchasing rugs, curtains and other miscellaneous decor items. To keep things flexible so that you can cleverly redecorate on the fly, you should picture ways in which to match different elements like these with each other.

The ‘clever’ aspect of this approach lies in bringing the more distinct design elements in your home to live in the set pieces of every room. There is little chance you would ever want to move your coffee table to your dining room, so let it carry the burden of expression, and try and maintain a degree of neutrality in the things you could switch out from room to room. That way you can swap out rugs and curtains etc. for a fresh look with minimal effort and expense.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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