Setting Up a Living Room with a Red Sofa

The sofa is one of the protagonists of the living room. Therefore, it is important that he brings comfort and presence to the decoration. A red sofa, for example, stands out and is a modern alternative to give more personality to the environment. However, the big question is how to compose this item like the rest of the decor. Want to know how? Check out the precious tips below and be surprised!

Red is a color that has several shades, ranging from the most vibrant to the most closed. Regardless, know that neutral colors such as grey, beige, off-white, black, and sand combine perfectly in furniture as well as in decorative objects. As they are more “sober” items, the sofa shines by itself and makes this area more classic, but full of style!

For those who prefer something more minimalist, try to create a clean environment with off-white and choose the red sofa as a single color point, getting all the attention and complementing the environment. For those who are fans of the rustic style, the sofa is perfect to complement the decoration with wood and stones.

The more daring ones can calmly opt for the livelier, more vibrant, and orange-tinged red. This tone gives a more colorful air and therefore causes more impact. For those who prefer not to risk it, a burgundy sofa is an ideal option, as it will harmonize perfectly with your style.


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