Select the Right Bed Sheet for your Memory Foam Mattress to Enhance its Look

We all know that sleep plays a vital role in our life. It is a process of giving our brain and body some rest after a hectic day. Just like a machine needs rest after continuous working otherwise it starts making noise and becomes hot, similarly our body also undergoes enough of pressure, exertion, torture that sometimes increases our blood rate and damages some of our body parts. However, when you take rest it increases blood flow in our veins thereby maintaining our health.

Sleeping on the right mattress is also important as it maintains correct posture of your entire body. Dozing off is a job that is commenced for at least eight to nine hours, and if you sleep on an uneven bed for long, then it can damage your spine or create various health related issues

For example, when you sleep on an uneven mattress that is sagging from the center it bends your spine for the entire night. Your spine has to be firm to avoid any kind of damage. Long hours of bad posture will lead to back pains and other health complications.

This is why orthopedic asks initially about your bed when you approach them with back or neck pain. Therefore, it is equally important for the mattress to be made of the right material. There are various types of mattresses like innerspring coil, memory foam, latex foam mattresses. Each has its own benefit, but the most commonly used mattress is the innerspring and memory foam mattress. Also some brands sell the best cooling mattress to help sleepers in regulating their body temperature buildup while sleeping.

According to SleepJunkie, all mattresses are beneficial as long as it gives you restful sleep the entire night. It is an online website that deals with various problems and solutions regarding insomnia. They have details about the products launched in the market and their first job is to present you with updated news and reviews related to these products. If you’re lucky you can also find your favorite brand of mattress for sale on their website.

Innerspring mattresses have pocketed coils in the structure of springs and are covered with different foams. This foam can be latex or memory foam. The advantage of memory foam bedding is that it springs back to its normal shape the moment you get up. However, when you rest on your bed it presses a bit to give you a comfortable and desired shape that can help you relax.

The pocketed coil keeps circulating air within and this helps in keeping your mattress cool for long hours. Often people snore and release heat late at night, which is absorbed by your foam. Some foam like memory foam retains that heat within, but the pocket steel coils inside circulate air which keeps your mattress cool. So, whenever you purchase a memory foam mattress ensure that it has innersprings so that you don’t wake up sweating at night.

Memory foam is known as visco elastic. Depending upon the visco elasticity of any foam, the resilience of that mattress is decided. Hence, all memory foams have different elasticity. Some are called firm, some gentle firm while others are soft mattress. Due to its solidity and density, visco foam doesn’t allow any substance to pass through.

Memory foam was initially introduced by NASA for comfortable seats in flight for passengers and pilots. However, after the increasing success rate in aviation, this foam was commercially used by many brands. Now it has become the most demanded material by every manufacturer. Now, memory foam is used in mattress, shoes, seats and cushions etc.

Here are some advantages of memory foam –

  • Memory foam was first utilized by NASA then it was in demand in hospitals to provide patients a comfortable yet firm bed and comfortable cushions on a wheelchair.
  • When you rest on bed for long, due to gravitational force you tend to go further low in the bed which damages delicate tissues, but memory foam minimizes pain and prevents bed soreness.
  • Memory foam spreads your body weight evenly on the bed this means no particular part of your body has to face excessive pain. If your back doesn’t get proper support, then there can be tension in your muscles on critical points which can lead to pain and damage.
  • It is beneficial for fibromyalgia and arthritis patients because it doesn’t put strain on their joints which give them tremendous relief when they find their joints aren’t stiff in the morning.
  • Viscoelasticity on the foam is meant to give any shape to the mattress when your body desires. Hence if you sleep on your stomach, sideways or on your back, your mattress will gently push down giving you a comfortable position to fix yourself on the mattress and relax.
  • Memory foam absorbs motion which means your partner will not get disturbed when you turn or toss. This is the prime benefit for all those who work on different shifts or for those who have light sleep.
  • Dust mites are a major problem in every house and the best place to settle is your bed because that is the place which isn’t cleaned frequently. Pocketed springs have space within which you can store more than 10 million mites but if you’ve a layer of memory foam, being visco foam, it doesn’t allow any mite or dust to penetrate which keeps your indoors free from allergens.
  • These mattresses are easily maintained, it requires flipping once or twice a year depending upon your weight. This is the reason why they are more durable compared to other mattresses.

Since they are so beneficial therefore, their price is also more. Affording memory foam is quite expensive, so you need to maintain and cover it in a mattress cover like you cover your pillow. Also, when you select your bed sheet for your bedding you should remember that memory foam retains heat. Hence, when you select a bed sheet it should be of the quality that keeps you cold at night.

Bed sheets hardly matter when you think about your mattress. It is your choice and personality that comes out in your décor. However, if you need optimum quality of sleep, then you need to pay slight attention on the kind of mattress to be selected –

  • The first thing that we need to observe is the thread-count of your bed sheet, which should be around 200 because higher thread count will increase its density and will keep your bed more soft and cooler because it leaves no gaps or space for heat to contact your body at night.
  • Avoid synthetic material because that contains polyester or plastic material that doesn’t allow air to flow and retains air within. This can be good for winter, but for summer, you need a bed sheet that allows air to flow and keep your bed cool.
  • Try natural fiber like cotton, linen, hemp or silk that will keep your bed cool at any time because it is a natural fiber that allows air to go through. 100% pure natural fiber is costly, so you can buy poly mixed fiber where poly is 30% and not excess than that.
  • The way your fabric is weaved also determines its quality, either it can be weaved finely giving it a satin finish which will definitely look good, but will retain heat or you can select the matte weave which is mainly used in natural fiber to circulate air. Whichever material you use, the style of weaving can be your personal choice.
  • Always try selecting a bed sheet that is purely natural. These sheets are made without chemicals or all chemicals are removed before packaging, such cotton or fabric is grown without chemicals which means from the starting there hasn’t been any pesticides used in it.

According to SleepJunkie, all memory foam mattresses are made in the same manner. What differs is its resilience. That is why they tell you to believe in two important things when you buy memory foam:

  • It retains some of your body heat which can be felt later when you rest on it for long hours.
  • There is a lot of expansion and compression when you rest on it which means you need a bed sheet that can support it.

If you understand the features and quality of your mattress well, then buying sheets for it accordingly will not be a difficult task for you. Get your research done properly to get rest sleep at night.


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