See How To Choose The Ideal “Widow’s bed”

Neither couple nor single. A widow bed is a happy medium between these two-bed sizes. 

Despite not being so common and used here in Brazil, the widow’s bed has been gaining more and more attention in interior projects, as its size is perfect for small house and apartment projects. The widow bed is still suitable for young adults who want a bed a little bigger and more comfortable, but without losing precious inches inside the room. 

And if you are also interested in the widow’s bed, keep following this post with us. We’ll tell you how to choose the ideal model, as well as useful information that will help you assemble and decorate your room. Come and see:

Mattress and bed set: tips and precautions when buying

A widow’s bed can be the solution for those who live in small houses and apartments, however, it is important to take some precautions when buying bed linen and mattresses.

First, because these measurements are out of the standard and you may find it difficult to find sheets, bed covers, and mattresses with these dimensions. So, always keep an eye on the measurement information on the product packaging. 

Another important detail: the mattress should be about 2cm shorter than the bed to ensure that it fits correctly. 

On the internet, it is usually easier and faster to find bed linen and mattress options for a widow’s bed. But if you have difficulty finding the pieces you need, try changing the search and replacing the term “widow bed” with “half a double bed”, “single man” or “single king”, for example. 

This is because some manufacturers may choose to use other names to specify products. But again, check the measurement information before making your purchase to ensure that both the mattress and bedding are suitable for the size of your bed.

Room Style x Widow Bed

The widow’s bed can be used in bedrooms for couples, young single adults, and even teenagers. 

Because of this variety of audiences, the widow bed can be found in different styles, colors, and materials. The choice between one or the other will depend on your decor proposal. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect widow’s bed.

Check out 50 ideas for rooms decorated with a widowed bed and be inspired by the different possibilities:











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