Saarinen Table – Origin & Incredible Decorative Ideas

Born in the 1950s, the Saarinen table is a diva in the world of interior design. Along with other pieces that have crossed the decades, the Saarinen table has everything to make your home a beautiful, functional, and stylish place.

Come with us to find out more about this wonderful iconic table.

Saarinen table: how, when, and where it appeared

Created in 1956 by the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen, the Saarinen table (yes, it inherited the name of its creator) is part of the Pedestal collection, which is also composed of chairs of similar design, as well as the option of a side and center table. Saarinen was inspired by the organic, curved, and continuous shape of a slimy drop to create the design of the Saarinen table.

At the time it was launched, the Saarinen table shook the design world with its innovative proposal and futuristic design.ย The elegant and harmonious base gives a uniform look to the ensemble. Not to mention that this was the first time in history that a table went from having four legs to having only one central structure.

How to recognize an original Saarinen table

The Saarinen table, like other design pieces, is also experiencing mass reproduction. Within this context, there are two types of reproduction: fake and replica. Let’s understand this story better so you can make a good purchase. The original Saarinen table is formed by a solid cast aluminum base painted with the same paint used for automatic painting, in only three colors: white, black, or platinum. This base, therefore, has no amendments or fittings.

The top is always (always) oval or round.ย That is, there is no square or rectangular Saarinen table.ย Also, only three materials are used to make the top: wood, marble, or granite. Saarinen table sizes are also standard and always follow the same dimensions. For the round table with two to four seats, the top diameter is 90cm, while for the oval shape, the measures are 1.60 x 90cm.

The models that accommodate between six and eight chairs have a top with a diameter of 107cm, in the round version, or 1.80 x 1m, in the oval version. The larger tables, with a capacity to accommodate 8 to 10 people, have a diameter of 124 cm, in the round Saarinen model, or 1.98 x 1.22 m for the oval model. The replicas faithfully reproduce this original model, that is, the same pattern of size, material, colors, and painting. However, they do not carry the stamp of the originality of the brand.

Here are inspirations on how to use the Saarinen table in interior decoration:











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