Rustic Cabins As Deco Inspiration!

There are the summer cabins, and there are the autumn cabins, the ones we like to meet after a long walk, in the fresh air. We have selected three cabins for you, three interiors with rustic decor, as we like them. There is raw wood, salvage, vintage-looking objects… so obviously, when you live in the city, it does less. However, as always there are things to take, as raw wood and weathered materials always bring character to an interior, even a very contemporary one. Question of dosage.

So we let you discover these three houses whose common thread is that they are quite isolated and that they are retreats in the heart of nature. Strangely, the last one which is less “rustic” is an hour from the first passable road!

Settle Norfolk, retreats deep in the woods

Settle Norfolk is a vacation spot like no other. It offers the possibility of a retreat deep in the woods. Rentals in the middle of nature, Airbnbabounds. The difference is that the place is unmistakably aesthetic and inspiring. Jo and John, the founders of the place are passionate about nature, their countryside, and the passing of time and share their vision, through this very beautiful project.

John, who has a background in real estate development, has made his passion for old materials his profession. As for Jo, she is a floral designer, a pioneer in natural floral design. Their two worlds, brought together give cabins, fitted out in old railway wagons and a house, with a “rough” design, but perfect in their style.

A farm in the Hudson

New York owners Don Howell, a craftsman furniture maker, and his partner Ray Camano are also passionate about old patinas and oxidized materials. They set their sights on this old, decrepit 1830s farmhouse in the Hudson. The house had remained out of time. They were the first to install water and electricity there and to rent it out on Airbnb! They tried to keep the rough aspect of the place and it was completely successful.

Santa Anita cabin by the Californian agency Commune Design

As we mentioned, this project is a little less “rough” than my first two examples. Nevertheless, it has its place here. The house is a hundred years old and is located in the Los Angeles forest. For this project, the interior designers were inspired by Swedish and French chalets, Japanese design details, and shakers.

Although access to the site requires a 40-minute hike on unpaved walking trails, they managed to make it a luxury cabin. However, there are no sewers, water or power lines, no cell phones or internet service!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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