Reuse Two Old Crates and Window to create a perfect coffe table

While reusing old things, you are proving that you care about the Environment and for sure that you are able and have a possibility to create something new. We are bringing you do-it-yourself projects because it is very important to reuse things and not throw it away. This is one more great example of a coffee table that is made up that way. Created only of stuff that people usually throw away, this table is a great example of how you can make antic from old, unused stuff. It’s made of two apple crates and an old window. It can be disassembled very easily even though it’s fixed to the crates. If you use thick window then such table would be able to withstand a lot. It’s a very nice furniture piece to place in your living room that is easy, cheap and fast to make. You can paint it in white, black, brown or just leave it that way. Combine it with the colors that dominate in your living room. You will be proud on yourself and on the other side you will protect your Environment by using, not throwing.

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