DIY: Make a small home garden from an old dresser

We all know that the spring is coming, and it is almost here. It is time to create something different and refresh your garden. We are giving you a great example of a fresh small garden . Creating a small piece of heaven for your own,what can be better? You can reuse an old dresser and create a fresh spring garden.

The dresser doesn’t even need to be transformed. Let it stay the same, it only suppose to have three spacious drawers, and all you need is to take the dresser outside and put the plant pots inside, covering them with soil. You can paint it if you want, this will gave your small garden a fresh, vintage look.

You’ll need a dresser,  3 bags of cactus & palm mix,  6 edgers, succulents.  It’s now a great and very clever display unit for the deck, terrace or any other outdoor area. This is great example for those who have some old dressers and don’ t know what to do with them- now you know. Take them, repurpose them, and decorate your place.

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