Renovation Of Brightness, Warmth & Multifunctional Furniture

the keys to this reform solve the demands of the owners, who sought to expand natural light throughout the main floor, open spaces to make them open, visually expanding the entire space of the house, design a comfortable and functional floor and increase storage, placing it in many corners. All this to achieve a warm atmosphere from noble materials such as wood.

To solve the first need and provide the entire main floor with more natural light, the rear light of the house, which entered through a kitchen window, was joined with the front of the living room. To do so, all the spaces on this floor were opened, pulling partitions and eliminating the doors. “By eliminating the partitions on this floor and getting an open rectangle, we saw the option of joining the kitchen to the living room and thus be able to create a general space that would visually expand the entire day area,” explains the interior designer.

Multifunctional furniture

Also to gain space and practicality on this floor, the interior designer chose to take advantage of all the corners of the house by designing custom-made furniture that enjoyed storage: “we designed custom-made furniture from end to end of the rectangle that generates the three spaces we were looking for: the same piece of furniture begins in the living room as a bookcase, passes through the dining room as a buffet and ends up turned into a kitchen cabinet following this premise, some of the materials of the original structure of the house were used, such as the pillars, which were used to create several columns and divide this multifunctional piece of furniture. Thus, some of the columns are real, while others are false, designed by Pia Capdevila and turned into storage furniture.

Wood is the common thread to give warmth to all the spaces of the house, from the living room to the kitchen.






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Author: Renata Kralevska


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