Renovation Of A Modern Project Around A Multifunctional Furniture

The house is located on the top floor of the building, and as a singularity, it has three exterior facades and an interior U-shaped, which responds to the perimeter of the building’s stairwell and elevator. Precisely, the project is based on the occupation of this central space of the house, which has been carried out by placing all the necessary services and the storage program, leaving the exterior perimeter of the house completely free.

Multifunctional interior cabinet

In this way and freeing the exterior facades from all this functional program, free circulation is achieved in the house, with a spatial continuity of the same that is accentuated by the connection of the differences between rooms with doorsteps from floor to ceiling and of great amplitude.

Another element used to achieve this continuity between all the rooms is the use of continuous cement without joints as flooring and which combines with the large interior furniture that brings together different uses: storage, full kitchen, and bathroom.

The whole of the proposal is based on the neutrality of the colors (gray, wood, and white) and textures used, focusing all the attention on the central piece of the furniture and making it the true protagonist of the space and the element through which it is articulated. the entire project.


One of the main functions of the central unit is to be shaped like a complete kitchen.

Located in an open space shared with the living room and dining room, which reinforces that continuity that stands out throughout the house, it is dressed in an industrial gray tone (a color that also dresses much of the rest of the furniture in the room) with a central area in light wood that works as a countertop. The built-in appliances, likewise, are responsible for not invading the rectangular shape of the furniture.

Also, the height of the ceilings and the large windows enhance that feeling of spaciousness and verticality in the room.

Space for storage

Another of the main functions of the furniture in the house is to create a storage area. Thus, one of the sides is used to incorporate all kinds of drawers and shelves in which to store any item. Following the color and material line present throughout the house, this storage area is also dressed in the same shade of gray with touches of wood as in the kitchen area.


Finally, and following the same style as the rest of the sides of the furniture, an area has been dedicated to serving as a bathroom. Thus, the basin space is incorporated on a sunken wooden background, surrounded by cabinets and drawers covered in the gray color of the furniture, which hides the toilet to its left.


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