Puro Homes by Mario Alves Arquiteto in Aveiro, Portugal

Project: Puro Homes
Architects: Mario Alves Arquiteto
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Area: 35,273 sf (total)
Year: 2021
Photographs by: Ivo Tavares Studio

Puro Homes by Mario Alves Arquiteto

The project is based on responding to a specific collective housing program. Inserted in a subdivision located in the new area of the Aveiro city, the land is located between two lots, of which are not built yet. As such, the project idea is based on marking the highlight of a new design in this new area. The project intends to take full advantage of the characteristics of the place, such as views and sun exposure.

The proposed volume is composed of a slatted design to be able to extend the interior space to the exterior, and, at the same time, personify the horizon line present in the place in the project design. Its raw materiality in concrete intends to emphasize its irreverent personality.
The glass, in addition to the transparency that it intends to create in the spaces in its relationship with the outside, intends to give the solid horizontal elements of concrete the design of lightness.

The existing movement in the city center is visible in the blades present on the façade. These, in addition to giving privacy to the interior of the dwellings when desired, create a rhythmic effect of shadows that transcribe to the building an idea of movement and constant transformation.

Access to the building is developed from two main entrances. The configuration of the interior space of the house involves placing the social space in the foreground and preserving the refuge and privacy of the private space.

-Project description and images provided by Ivo Tavares Studio


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