PROS & CONS of Mobile Home Living

Mobile home living popularity is on the rise because of many different reasons. As with all homes there are good and bad aspects of living in one these when compared to building a stick home from scratch. A pre-made home may be the only viable option for some people. While in other areas it is not an option at all.

The biggest positive aspect of mobile homes is the price. You can get a home for substantially less than a modern built home. The reason for the savings is because they are produced in a warehouse, or a yard, so it takes less time to manufacture. It also takes less people to build them. Overall, when you factor in the savings that the manufacturers get it makes sense that they are cheaper to buy then a stick home is to build from the ground up.

It has been said, by many people and building contractors, that mobile homes are not build as well as stationary homes. This is simply not the case. The structural integrity of them is above average. Rules and stipulations have been put into place that all mobile home manufacturers must follow. The rules set for mobiles are even more strict than for stick homes because they are moveable.

They are also faster when it comes to being able to move into them. A moving company, usually retained from the company that you bought the mobile from, will move it and set it up within a day. If you decide to add onto the home, it is a simple process to add another section from the manufacturer. Or you can build an add-on to have more room. If doing your own modifications, it is a good idea to have Private Health Insurance in case an injury happens.

A negative about mobile home living is the perception of normal society standards. That is that mobile homes owners, or renters, are not as high on the status pole. Because of this some areas do not allow these cheaper homes. Some allow them if you put them on a stable foundation. Other areas want mobile homes because they are all put into a park where like minded people live all in one large group.

Banks think the same way so it may be hard to get a loan approved. The value drops quickly as the home ages, and the resale value is usually low. For this reason, a loan will require you to have higher qualifications and you will have to go through more hoops. A good lender will help you through the process.

Mobile home living is a choice that many people make, especially because of the rising cost of materials and labor. Unfortunately, lots of property owners are choosing to build apartments, and are even making people with older mobile homes move to a new location. Apartments mean more tenants and more money for the owners. Buying a piece of property and putting your mobile is the best choice for you to make.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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