Preparing Your Yard Turf for Spring and Summer

Preparing Your Yard Turf for Spring and Summer

A transition from winter to spring is always important if you want to keep your lawn appealing and enticing. The most important thing you will have to do is transition that coarse winter ryegrass back to the lively spring and summer bermuda grass we all love.

Clean Up the Debris

Any winter worth its salt will leave clumps of dirt and rubble in your lawn and yard. The first step to recovering from the winter is by cleaning up all that mess. Removing the rubble as early as possible will give the grass the freedom and space it needs to flourish. Moreover, everything will look neat once the green starts filtering in.

Don’t Mow Too Early

Even though the brown and pale winter turf might look unappealing, it will give your warm season grass the cushioning and insulation it needs to flourish. Giving the spring grass a couple of weeks to grow before switching on the mower would be a great idea. landscaping experts advocate for sweeping or blowing all the clippings back into the lawn. The clippings will create perfect compost for your budding grass.

Keep the Water Flowing

Contrary to the assumption that the soil will be we in early spring, most soils tend to dry up gradually leaving the shallow grass roots with no nutrition. Give your lawn a mild dose of water to ensure that the grass has the moisture it needs to flourish.

Since bermuda grass can survive with less water, sticking to 70 percent less watering will kill off the ryegrass whilst giving bermuda the chance to take over the lawn.

Pay Attention to Shaded Patches

Winter grass tend to be more aggressive when growing in shady areas. The shade blocks out the sun and the heat hence giving the grass an almost winter like environment. If you cannot prune the shrubs or trees in your yard to minimize this, consider mowing such sections frequently to keep down the rye as you and give bermuda grass a chance to grow.

Fertilize and Improve Watering

It will take up to two weeks for the beautiful bermuda grass to come back to life. Once this happens, you can freely improve the watering cycle as the grass will now have what it takes to overcome the competition. Broadcasting some bit of balanced fertilizer will give your lawn the boost it needs to develop that lush and appealing green.

Don’t Forget the Shrubs and The Decorative Plants

What is a good lawn without an equally appealing surrounding? Not much. Inasmuch as you are focusing on recovering your grass, you should also pay some attention to your shrubs and decorative plants. Trim all the dead branches, water them and use some manure to give them the boost they need to match your turf.

The way you recover your sod from the frigid winter will determine how good your lawn will look through the spring and summer. Don’t wait until it is too late to begin as you might have to spend more time and money to get that fantastic look we all desire.


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