Perucho House by Pedro Calle + El Sindicato Arquitectura in Ecuador

Project: Perucho House
Architects: Pedro Calle + El Sindicato Arquitectura
Perucho, Ecuador
775 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Francesco Russo, AndrΓ©s Villota

Perucho House by Pedro Calle + El Sindicato Arquitectura

Nestled in the serene parish of Perucho in Quito’s Metropolitan District, this house offers an escape from urban life. Surrounded by mountains and lush greenery, it’s a haven for connecting with nature. The design focuses on harmonizing with the environment, maximizing mountain views through west-facing windows, and ensuring privacy with a continuous faΓ§ade of fired tiles. The ground floor houses public spaces, while the upper floor hosts private areas. Constructed in a solid wood workshop, the prefabricated structure ensures efficient assembly, minimal environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness. This home is a tranquil retreat where architecture meets nature seamlessly.

The house is located in the parish of Perucho, in the Metropolitan District of Quito. It seeks to be a refuge from urban life that allows its owner to connect with nature, as it is located in a rural environment surrounded by mountains and vegetation.

The design focused on enhancing the visual connection with nature and achieving a sense of tranquility and shelter inside the house. We propose taking advantage of the mountain views through windows on the west facade and ensuring privacy from neighbors and passersby on the adjacent street through a continuous skin of fired tiles that start as the south facade, transform into the roof, and end as the north facade of the project.

The distribution of the ground floor is intended for public spaces with a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and a covered outdoor deck, while the upper floor is reserved for private spaces with a bedroom, workspace, guest space, and bathroom.

A simple and prefabricated structure in a solid wood workshop, which allows for efficient assembly and minimizes impacts on the natural environment and the costs of mobilization and on-site manufacturing.

Pedro Calle + El Sindicato Arquitectura


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