Perfect Ideas for Bathrooms With Wooden Floors

Bathroom with wooden floor: does it match? As you can see, the answer is yes. The wooden floor has displaced the ceramic floors that until then were unanimous in residential projects.

And what’s the reason behind all this buzz on top of the wooden floor? Simple!

This type of floor is cosy, and comfortable and brings that SPA vibe to the bathroom, being a much more aesthetically interesting option, as well as favouring thermal comfort.

How to decorate the bathroom with a wooden floor

The wooden floor is the protagonist of the bathroom decor. But he does not reign alone.

Other elements end up entering the scene and contributing to the project. That’s why we’ve brought xx tips below for you to make the bathroom even more beautiful and comfortable. Check out:

Colour palette

The first tip to harmonize the wooden floor with the rest of the bathroom is to think about the colour palette. If the wood on the floor is dark, try to soften the environment with lighter tones, such as white and beige.

For modern decor, you can bet on a light grey in contrast to wood. In the case of a light wood floor, darker colours can be used in the composition, such as blue, green and black.

Warm colours, such as pink, red, orange and yellow, look beautiful against wood, especially if you want a more relaxed and stripped decor.

Choice of crockery and metals

Crockery and metal are essential parts of any bathroom. But to harmonize with the wooden floor, it’s a tip to invest in tones that match the colour palette defined above. White tableware, for example, is classic and timeless. It goes well with dark or light floors.

But if you want a more daring and original decoration, it is worth betting on dishes in other colours, such as black and grey. In the case of metals, the choice also goes through the colour palette. The most common silver metals are wild and always work.

But to get that “wow” effect, bet on metals in shades like gold, copper or black. It is modern and sophisticated.

Aged metals look beautiful in retro proposals or bathrooms with industrial aesthetics.


The floor will be wooden, as you already know. But is it the wall? One of the options is to cover it with the material as well. The bathroom looks like a SPA.

Another option is to contrast the hardwood floor with a solid-coloured wall, either with paint or ceramic tile.

A tip: the shower area can receive woody porcelain to ensure the touch of wood, but without necessarily using the material.

Decorative elements

Complement the bathroom decor with wooden flooring using elements that help give personality and style to the environment.

For a space with a rustic and boho vibe, straw baskets, for example, are a hit. Fresheners, scented candles and washcloths are also indispensable. The touch of comfort comes from the rug. Don’t forget about it.

Plants are also super allied with the decoration of the bathroom with a wooden floor. They make the environment cosier and still help to purify the air.

Check out the images below of a bathroom with a wooden floor and wooden decor now and fall in love with the idea even more.











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