Ovecler Cankaya House by Aura Design Studio in Ankara, Turkey

Project: Ovecler Cankaya House
Architects: Aura Design Studio
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Photographs by: Courtesy of Aura Design Studio

Ovecler Cankaya House by Aura Design Studio

Ovecler Nazım Hikmet Cankaya House has been designed by Aura Design Studio to meet the needs of the people of the neighborhood in many areas as a community center as well as providing different spatial characteristics with its landscaping, façade design and functional planning. It has a plain and rich façade language and landscape design which adapts to the scale of the district it is located in.

Ovecler Nazım Hikmet Cankaya House is located at the entrance of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Ovecler valley recreation area and at the intersection of Salkım Sogut street and 136. street. The building has a land area of 1.242 m² and consists of 2 basements, 1 ground floor and 1 floor above.

The main entrance of the building has 2 entrances from the same street which is located on the upper level of 1361. Street. The program of this public building consists of a library, workshops for hobby and personal development, and a multi-purpose hall. With the efficient use of the existing topography, not only each façade of the building presents a different number of floor levels but also makes it possible to create multiple entrances from different floor levels.

Since the building is at the corner of a public park, it is surrounded with green areas which draws the building into a natural environment, away from the city crowd and construction, in addition to allowing spaces with open and beautiful views.

While the building is seen as 2 floored from the South side, it is seen as 3 floored from the east side where the main entrance is, and 4 floored from the north and west sides. With functional use of the topography, the fact that the building can be read in different floor numbers on each façade has enriched the perception of the building. This different perception on the floor numbers allows the building to be compatible with both the residential neighborhood texture and in the urban scale.

Angled walls were used on the façades to provide controlled light to the spaces, to create different façade perceptions from different angles and to provide visual illusions. Angled walls are designed with aluminum framed window modules and corten-look aluminum panels. The anthracite color and corten in the window frames together create different façade perceptions from different angle of views. White sheathing, window and door modules with aluminum frames and corten panels are used on the facades.

The multi-purpose hall, located on the basement floor, meets the needs of the people of the neighborhood for a large indoor social space. This hall will appeal to the residents of the district; condolence meetings, sports events, exhibitions, meetings and conversations are planned in this hall. A separate entrance door was arranged for the multi-purpose hall by taking advantage of the level differences on the facades, and as a result the circulation of the building was relieved.

The building has been designed considering the needs of all its members so disabled entrances, parking lots, restrooms and a large elevator have been part of the design configuration.

-Project description and images provided by Aura Design Studio


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