Outdoor table types that will fit into your outdoor space

An afternoon cup of coffee outdoors is just what you need. An outdoor table will allow you to enjoy your coffee in the sun.

This item is ideal for people who enjoy receiving visitors at home and those who are looking for a tranquil environment. The challenge is choosing the right table that fits your lifestyle and space.

Outdoor wooden table

The outdoor table is a great choice for people who are looking for a modern and classic look. It can be made in various colors and formats, and it is very durable and resistant.

It is important to keep the table in good condition and regularly apply products and varnish to prevent pests from attacking it.

Outdoor plastic table

Another type of outdoor table that is ideal for people who are looking for a more affordable and lightweight option is the polypropylene or plastic one. Nowadays, various types of plastic tables feature modern and bold designs.

Outdoor aluminium table

Aluminium outdoor furniture is a great choice if you want something that’s both practical and modern. It’s lightweight and super resistant. It can be found for sale at very reasonable prices.

It lacks certain design features. There are only a few format and model options available.

Outdoor slate table

A durable and attractive outdoor table made from slate is another great choice. This natural stone is very resistant to moisture and can withstand the elements.

It can be made of metal, wood, or masonry. However, it’s very heavy and can be hard to move. This type of table requires the creation of a custom-made structure, which can be costly.

Outdoor folding table

A folding table is a great choice for small outdoor areas. It can be kept closed when not in use, but it can be opened when visitors come. This allows you to create a larger table that can accommodate everyone.


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