Off-White – The color trend you need ASAP

What is Off White?

The term Off White comes from English and can be translated to Portuguese as “almost white”. And that’s what Off White is: almost white. Still not helping? Let’s go over it better then.

Off White can be considered as a shade of white, slightly yellowish or grayish, but it does not occupy the palette of shades of beige or shades of gray. It is a compromise between white and these other nuances.

A good way to differentiate pure white from off-white tones is to get closer to each other. Pure white is fresher, brighter and more open, while Off White tones are slightly more closed and warmer. Turning to kids, Off White can be considered that shade of grimy white or aged white, is it easier now?

Off White Colors

But what colors can we classify as Off White? This is a palette that varies a lot, especially when it comes to ink tones, as each brand works with its own nomenclatures and unique hues. But in general, we can classify as Off White the shades known as ice, snow, raw and shades of gray, beige and pink palette.

But remember: all these colors are considered Off White only when they are very light, almost white.

Why bet on the Off White trend?

To escape the ordinary

Off White shades are perfect for those who want a clean and delicate decoration, but don’t want to fall into the trueness of white.

These shades break the excessive brightness of white and make the environments more welcoming, making the decoration come out of the ordinary, but without losing the neutral aspect characteristic of white.

For large, bright environments

Like white, Off White tones favor lighting and the feeling of spaciousness of the environments, making this palette very suitable for those who need to decorate a small space. 

To conquer endless aesthetic possibilities

Off White shades can be used in every corner of the room you want to decorate, from walls to furniture to decorative objects. Off White tones can also be explored in the most varied environments of the house, from the kitchen to the living room, through the bathroom, lobby, children’s bedroom and home office.

To please all styles

Any decorating style you can imagine matches Off White. The tones, being neutral, end up becoming super versatile for the formulation of different aesthetic proposals. Moderns can bet on the combination of Off White tones with colorful and vibrant details. Already the most classic and sophisticated can insert in the environment a mix of Off White with shades of beige and brown, which is also super indicated for rustic decoration proposals.

Metallic shades along with Off White shades, as suggested above, are perfect for creating elegant and refined environments. A good combination is also Off White tones with pastel colors, resulting in delicate, soft and harmonious spaces.

Check out the selection of photos of environments that bet on the use of Off White tones to create beautiful and passionate decorations!











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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